CheeseCold storage board installationOperation instructions for repair welding

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Generally, in the actual operation of the refrigeration system, because the temperature conditions are constantly changing, only by relying on the careful operation of the cold storage management personnel and accurately adjusting the operation of the refrigeration equipment of the cold storage, can the refrigeration system always be in the ideal working state and achieve the effect of energy saving.Polyurethane with good fire resistance and flame retardancy is a kind of refractory and self extinguishing material after adding flame retardant. In case of fire, it can be carbonized, unlike flow burning and flashover like extruded board, which can effectively prevent fire spread. In particular, it can be sealed as a whole after systematic fire prevention treatment to form non combustible products.Cheese,If the engineering design of logistics cold storage should bear the important responsibility of low-temperature storage and transportation, in addition to paying attention to the planning of the above basic functions, scale, unpacking, packaging, etc. of large packaging, product portfolio packaging, trademark, So as to better improve the quality of refrigeration distribution center and realize greater value return.The equipment is built according to the application requirements of low-temperature distribution. It is reflected in the following points: a low-temperature hall, a closed platform, an anti-collision flexible seal, and a platform height conditioning equipment (lifting channel) are built to complete & ldquo; Door to door & rdquo; Type loading and unloading operation has become a symbol of modern cold storage.Mahanoro,Cold storage, compressor overload, lack of refrigerant, low pressure too low, excessive air intake, compressor jamming.Proper protective measures shall be taken during transportation to prevent plate from being strangled and scratched.There should be excellent drainage pipe standard around the warehouse, the soil temperature should be low, before the construction of the cold storage and maintain good natural ventilation. Maintaining dryness is very important for the cold storage. In addition, the phase electricity of the relative volume shall be built according to the output power of the refrigeration unit. If the cold storage is water-cooled and radiating, the tap water pipeline shall be paved and the FRP cooling tower shall be built.

CheeseCold storage board installationOperation instructions for repair welding

A large number of personnel are not allowed to select goods in the warehouse. Close the warehouse door in time. When the warehouse door is opened, pay attention to whether the air curtain is opened or the door curtain is placed properly. Turn off the lights when leaving the warehouse.Air valve leakage and ring leakage will not only affect the rise of exhaust temperature of fresh-keeping warehouse, but also change the interstage pressure. As long as the compression ratio is higher than the normal value, the exhaust temperature will rise.The equipment that needs to be installed in the warehouse and put into the warehouse shall be installed in place or placed in an appropriate position in the warehouse; The wall warehouse board shall be installed from the corner of the warehouse body, and the professional cold warehouse shall be installed. The cold warehouse shall be installed. The cold warehouse shall be constructed. The fruit fresh-keeping cold warehouse and medical cold warehouse shall have high pressure rating, good waterproof performance, fire and high temperature resistance,CheeseCold storage by package, strong overload capacity, corrosion resistance, radiation protection and long service life. The corner shall be temporarily fixed with . color plate angle steel; When installing each wall panel, evenly apply two layers of foaming material on the joint surface of male and female groove,CheeseInstallation and design of cold storage, and apply one layer of foaming material when installing polystyrene wall panel. The blanking shall be uniform and continuous; After the wallboard is installed in place, pull rivets at the lap joint of the internal and external steel plates of the two wallboards for connection and fixation, and the rivet spacing in the warehouse should be mm; When connecting the library plate in the form of eccentric hook connection, the eccentric hook shall be loosened once before installation to ensure reliable locking during installation.Superior quality,The exhaust temperature of the compressor equipment is often. When the season changes and the temperature difference changes greatly, pay attention to it. If the machine is abnormal, it needs to be checked in time.Drainage measures shall be provided for the villa room and overhead layer of the road surface of the cold storage engineering building.Airtight construction of quick freezing storehouse: the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping storehouse is developed on the basis of the traditional high-temperature fresh-keeping storehouse, which has the & ldquo; Refrigeration & rdquo; Function, long-term cold storage installation, cold storage installation, cold storage construction, fruit fresh-keeping cold storage, medical cold storage, complete products,CheeseWhich company is good for cold storage installation, excellent quality and favorable price. There are also & ldquo; Air conditioning & rdquo; Function; However, the quick freezing storehouse is not a simple superposition of ordinary high temperature storehouse and air conditioning equipment. In order to adjust the gas composition in the storehouse quickly, it is necessary to ensure that the quick freezing storehouse has good air tightness. This has been confirmed by the theoretical research and a large number of practical experience of quick freezing warehouse.

CheeseCold storage board installationOperation instructions for repair welding

General quick-frozen warehouses are mostly cooled by refrigeration mechanisms, and those with very low gasification temperature are used as coolant to evaporate under low pressure and mechanical conditions, so as to absorb the heat in the warehouse, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling and reduction.Respect for customers,What should be considered in building a cold storage? In these aspects, food cold storage is a systematic project of artificial refrigeration to ensure food quality and reduce food decay in a low-temperature environment. Refrigeration technology affects the design of food cold storage, convenient production, energy saving and cost reduction. What problems should be considered in the construction of food cold storage?Actual factors affecting the increase of exhaust temperature of fresh-keeping warehouse: low intermediate cooling efficiency, or too much scale in the intercooler of fresh-keeping warehouse affects heat exchange, the suction temperature of the later stage must be high, and the exhaust temperature will also increase.It is strictly prohibited to place articles with pollution and peculiar smell around the cold storage. The surrounding environment of the cold storage must be cleaned and disinfected regularly every day, and the door of the cold storage must be locked.Cheese,During the installation of cold storage board in cold storage, its installation quality will directly affect the temperature of cold storage. As an important structure used in the cold storage, the cold storage board should pay attention to the details of its installation, find out the problems that are easy to be ignored, and avoid the wrong installation, which will affect the use of the cold storage or the whole installation process, so as to waste resources and increase the cost.There are many kinds of cold storage. According to the material, it can be divided into color steel plate, stainless steel plate and salted steel. Among them, color steel plate has strong anti rust ability, but stainless steel plate has strong anti rust ability while salted steel has both beautiful appearance and anti rust ability. According to the layout, it is divided into flat plate and wave plate. The former is flat after the surface material is formed, and the latter is rugged after the surface material is formed. According to the thickness and color of surface materials, the thickness of stainless steel is .mm and mm, without color requirements; The thickness of PE paint baking board is .mm, .mm ivory white, titanium white and white gray. The most important thing for the cold storage is the applicable temperature of the cold storage. It is divided according to the insulation thickness of the storage plate. The thickness of the sky floor of the mm storage plate is mm and the thickness of the vertical plate is mm and mm, which is suitable for the insulation conditions of - ℃ ~ - ℃; mm storage plate: the thickness of the ceiling plate is mm and the thickness of the vertical plate is mm, which is suitable for the thermal insulation conditions of ℃ ~ - ℃. The thickness of the ceiling plate and the vertical plate of mm storage plate is mm which is suitable for the thermal insulation conditions above ℃. In fact, it can be divided into standard plate and non-standard plate according to the width and size range of warehouse plate there are many other classification methods of cold storage. Determined by the current processing technology, including standard plate vertical plate width wa = mm, heaven and earth plate width WB = mm, vertical angle plate W = mm, W = mm, W = mm and W = . The dimensions of non-standard plates are different from those of Wa, WB and W.Goods are imported and exported frequently and the throughput is large according to the requirements of production and operation

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